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Building Community

In our neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth.


reach out individuals in great need, give them hope, give them love, empower them and bringing them back to life through providing them avenues to be excellent also, thus making them responsible, accountable and useful citizen of this nation

Feeding Program

Here in KJC Society, we want each day a lasting memory for our elders. We feed them with one of the favorites, as if like it’s everybody’s birthday. We give those few items to keep for personal use and a remembrance that once in all our lives, we have met and crossed each other’s path.

Gift Giving

It’s a “No Occasion Present” for each and everyone. Here in KJC Society, we practice the Gift Giving Program as Everybody’s Birthday Bash and more of a “Christmas Happens Everyday” scheme for both children and elderly.

Free Music Lesson

It is never too late for anyone to learn new skills. In KJC Society, we believe that everyone has their innate talent that only has be tapped. We stir up the gift and talent in each individual as we invite musicians and singers and accompanist in the Philippines to teach music for free.

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We mainly concentrated on implementing the following outreach programs

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We are committed to helping you find the right path to spiritual development and ministry opportunities.

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