The Kingdom of Jesus Christ Society, popularly known as KJC Society in Singapore is a non-profit organization founded on the 11th of May 2001. The group started with a few members until, it becomes hundred in numbers. The organization reaches out mainly to help people in great need and expands its services with different local community-based programs and the disaster response operations at an international level and more.

In Singapore individuals such as:
1. children coming from a dysfunctional and low-income families;
2. youth who has strayed directions in life;
3. elderly brothers and sisters in home for the aged;
4. workers in miserable situations.

In the Philippines are individuals like:
1. those that are victims of calamities and typhoons
2. street children and orphans
3. oppressed and destitute children



KJC Society endeavours to reach out individuals in great need, give them hope, give them love, empower them and bringing them back to life through providing them avenues to be excellent also, thus making them responsible, accountable and useful citizen of this nation


The KJC Society envisions achieving excellence of its operation in greater heights empowering children, youth and individuals from all walks of life, to live a life of responsibility and accountability and to become a strong pillar in nation building.

KJC SOCIETY A family of believers seeking the Truth and the Life.