Our Projects

Opportunities to dig deeper and grow in your faith

Our Projects

We mainly concentrated on implementing the following outreach programs in Singapore and Philippines.

Feeding Program


Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance was laid down for the elderly in Singapore’s Home for the Aged, but unfortunately it is not being met because of lack of support and financial aid to support their needs. As a result, loosing memories more and more each and deteriorating health conditions for our elderly brothers and sisters in homes. They are supposedly be drinking right amount of milk and should have been taking maintenance for them to extend their few more years of stay with their loved ones, subsequently, be doing activities and not to feel ill in their last days.

Here in KJC Society, we want each day a lasting memory for our elders. We feed them with one of the favorites, as if like it’s everybody’s birthday. We give those few items to keep for personal use and a remembrance that once in all our lives, we have met and crossed each other’s path.

Gift Giving


It’s a “No Occasion Present” for each and everyone. Here in KJC Society, we practice the Gift Giving Program as Everybody’s Birthday Bash and more of a “Christmas Happens Everyday” scheme for both children and elderly.

Free Music Lesson


It is never too late for anyone to learn new skills. In KJC Society, we believe that everyone has their innate talent that only has be tapped. We stir up the gift and talent in each individual as we invite musicians and singers and accompanist in the Philippines to teach music for free.

But behind all of these is the purpose of the organization to stray young people away from vices and abuse. We want every youth to enjoy, have fun while learning during their youthful years. We want every youth to have meaningful, purposeful and fruitful young lives so as not to waste it in life exposed to all the contaminations in the world. We believe that children and youth is the hope of every nation and what we made to be for now will have a great effect on their being as a person, as an individual and as citizen of this country



Many lives are broken. A lot of people need healing inside and out. But most specially, these people need someone to lean on and someone to depend. As “keeper’s of our brothers and sisters”, the take the responsibility on the task of giving them enlightenment and brightening up their darken world. Sometimes these people under trauma of various types of abuse only need an ear. Someone who can listen to and someone who can understand whatever it is that they are going through. It is not easy, but in KJC Society, inspiration to reach out is exemplary and high.

 Events for a   “Cause”


Seeking the endpoint of every hard work is indeed rewarding and motivating. Captured by the holy calling into reaching out to those in need, and to give hope and love, various events were held, all for the benefit of those in need.
a. Masquerade Party – people gather to sing, dance and party. Everybody are having fun plus the privilege of sharing it to the needy
b. Concert for a Cause – Metallic Rock Music for Rock stars and head bangers was conducted. Volunteer band groups performed for free for the benefit of Haiyan victims
c. Group Tour
d. Sport Event such as Basketball League and Super Bowl

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